The Girlfriend Experience

I can't think of too many directors who've built a more personal and varied body of work than Steven Soderbergh. He's written, produced, directed, and even been his own cinematographer, while doing anything that interests him, from personal projects to huge blockbusters with stars like George Clooney and Julia Roberts. He's experimented with distribution with a day-and-date release for Bubble, and he's shot epic movies like Che Parts 1 and 2 with a Red One camera that was still in beta. It's a dream of a career arc.

We have the premiere of the trailer of his next movie at Hulu. The Girlfriend Experience (also shot on the Red One) follows the life of a high-end call girl who offers not just sex but the full girlfriend experience, and it stars an adult film star, Sasha Grey. Soderbergh did a Q&A with Hulu about the movie.

Why choose to go with non-professional actors for this project?

I've been experimenting with non-actors (terrible term) for years now, and I really love what they bring. It's not a result-oriented process for them, so the feeling of the performance can, if you're lucky, be incredibly realistic, almost documentary-like. In fact, I viewed the whole film as kind of a fictionalized documentary.

Most of the movie was shot with nothing more than natural light. I'm looking forward to seeing it.