Art forms America produced

Quote from this interview with Neal Adams on Hulu:

If you scratch a French fellow who is interested in this sort of thing, he will tell you that America is responsible for three forms of art: jazz, musical comedy and, guess what, comic books.

What about obesity?! Is that not an art form?

The interview occurred in conjunction with the launch of the Astonishing X-Men motion comic on Hulu, the first miniseries being Gifted, scripted by Joss Whedon. The problem with earlier motion comics was that they were just a series of Ken Burns-esque pans against stills that seemed to have neither the benefits of holding a comic book (e.g. the ability to control one's pacing through the material, the fun of seeing how the artist uses the page layout to control the flow of one's eye) nor the joys of actual motion pictures (those should be apparent to all who love movies).

This new Astonishing X-Men motion comic adds an axis or two of motion (heads bob, lips move, eyes blink, etc). It is an improvement, reminiscent of some 80's cartoons (Voltron comes to mind) which weren't truly full motion but which contained just enough to qualify to be called cartoons.