Inaugural Addresses through the years

Maybe 2008 is the tipping point in my ability to maintain a regular posting schedule here. Hulu and rehabbing my Achilles and the little bits of free time here and the cup runneth over.

Still, some of this may just be inertia. My first few times out to run since being cleared by the doctor have been painful and slow--run a few minutes, then stop to stretch out the Achilles, then run a few minutes, then vomit, then pass out, then regain consciousness, then run a few minutes, then flag down a taxi to take me home, or to the hospital, or some variant thereof--but as someone once said, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (or is it a good travel agent?).

We posted inaugural addresses from years past at Hulu today. Here's the one from George W. Bush.

Okay, I jest. We have those Dubya masterpieces, too, but here's one from JFK.

Or maybe, since Obama is taking office in similarly troubled times, we should hearken back to the first Inaugural Address by FDR, who also took office with an economy in shambles. You can bet Obama and his speechwriters have listened to this one a few times ("...the only thing we have to fear...").