Are you havin' a laugh?

The drama and theatrics surrounding the election are both horrifying (the "McCain croaks and Palin becomes President of the free world" scenario is so terrifying to contemplate in its not insignificant probability that it needs a name, like a Robert Ludlum novel: the Palinus Paradox, or the Terminal Regression, or the Persephone Vector, or something of the sort). But if you ask, are you not entertained? I must confess I am enthralled.

Watching Palin in interviews is like watching the British version of The Office for the first time: viscerally discomfiting yet spectacularly absurd. We're watching a potential President of the most powerful nation on earth being checkmated by Charles Gibson and Katie Couric. Oh, that David Foster Wallace were alive to dissect the Palin phenomenon.

If there's anyone celebrating, it's Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Conan O'Brien, Jay Leno, their writers, and every one out there trying to get a laugh.

*Note: the last video is actually not a spoof by Tina Fey. That is actually Governor Palin speaking.