Palin on the Bush Doctrine

Well, I'm mostly preaching to the converted here, but the thought that Palin could be one McCain health issue away from being our President is terrifying.

In a perverse way, I wish it had been Chris Matthews instead of Charles Gibson in the interviewer chair. It's probably better that it wasn't, though, as Matthews would have eviscerated her on her ignorance of the Bush Doctrine, and that might have come off looking mean-spirited and prompted accusations of sexism from the McCain camp.

There's a reason they've been sheltering her from the press. Drill, media, drill.

I can't help but think that Hillary Clinton could cement her status as a Democratic hero if she'd step out of the alley and face down Palin. Clinton would run circles around Palin. Like Val Kilmer's Doc Holliday stepping out of the shade to take out Johnny Ringo, Hillary would go down in history as a feminist hero by taking down the woman who's inherited the title of most divisive woman in politics.

UPDATE: Rebecca Traister writes in Salon of the same desire for Hillary to rescue feminism. Traister concludes the article:

Which leads us to my greatest nightmare: that because my own party has not cared enough, or was too scared, to lay its rightful claim to the language of women's rights, that Sarah Palin will reach historic heights of power, under the most egregious of auspices, by plying feminine wiles, and conforming to every outdated notion of what it means to be a woman. That she will hit her marks by clambering over the backs, the bodies, the rights of the women on whose behalf she claims to be working, and that she will do it all under the banner of feminism. How can anybody sleep?