Palin in comparison

[Apologies for the headline. I've heard so many bad puns using Biden, I thought I had to even out the universe.]

John McCain's pick of Palin to be VP helps me to understand what kind of guy he is. He's that owner in your fantasy football league who reads a few good reports out of some team's training camp and drafts some unknown rookie wide receiver 7 rounds too early.

McCain barely knows her. Compared to McCain's vetting of Palin, Obama's research into Biden is like the type of security checks Middle Eastern people get at American airports. Obama is that guy in your fantasy football league who comes with a 12 tab spreadsheet model with built-in VBA macros and projections customized for your leagues scoring rules. Our President could potentially be the crazy guy from your fantasy football draft who picks from his gut--it's a terrifying thought--or that super-prepared guy.

By the way, I couldn't help but think that McCain chose Palin as she's the opposite of him: young, female, with a head full of dark hair and glasses. I wondered what would happen if we fused them into one single Presidential candidate. Using an advanced Photoshop action, I ran the scenario.

Here is the result.