Game over

Longer than the 3OT Penguins-Red Wings game last night, the Obama-Clinton battle finally comes to a close, with Obama claiming the Democratic nomination. Every one is ready to move on, except Hillary, who still has not conceded.

But I'm going to crack open a bottle of the good stuff tonight and celebrate. I would've loved to have been there for Obama's speech tonight. Even reduced to a small web video window, Obama's speech gave me goosebumps. Contrasting his speech with McCain's speech tonight isn't like comparing apples to oranges, because it would give McCain's performance too much credit to place him in the the same food category.

These are the two candidates I wanted running against each other in the Presidential election, but, well, you know where I stand on the ultimate outcome. Ironically, McCain would prove most formidable and interesting an opponent if he reverted to the McCain of old, the one David Foster Wallace covered in the 2000 Election. But that day has passed.