Go Speed Racer

One of the catchier theme songs around...

The first season is up at Hulu, with the rest following closely behind, all 52 or so episodes. I have fond memories of watching this some lazy summer afternoons as a child. At an early age, I had gadget envy, what with the Mach 5 having a bunch of buttons on its steering wheel, each of which would activate some whiz-bang function.

Hulu also now has Versus' weekly cycling recap show Cyclysm Sundays. Now that I'm felled by my torn Achilles tendon, watching or hearing about any sport is like grapefruit juice in my eye, but I do have fond memories of cycling as the sport that brought me back to a mental and physical whole after blowing out my knee back in 1998.

Last, another good new add: the 2008 National Heads-Up Poker Championship. Hulu now has all the full episodes of this year's tournament. This episode has Phil Ivey heads up against Johnny Chan.