Sometimes honesty is the best policy. Actually, more often than companies think, honesty is the best policy when it comes to problems. As in this post from a Twitter engineer about their downtime problems. The web is a giant rumor mill, and the longer companies hide the truth, the more people pile on, and at some point the web is both so vast and interconnected that it's like an echo chamber in which you can't control a story once it's picked up steam.

I signed up for Twitter early on, then ignored it for months as I didn't get much out of it, but I've come around to the idea of it as a really focused, stripped-down social networking application, albeit one that has not scaled gracefully.

Some have turned tweets into a comic art form:

New curse: "May Ry Cooder discover your people's traditional music."

More tweet goodness here.


Orson Scott Card rips J.K. Rowling for her lawsuit against a small publisher for their book The Harry Potter Lexicon.