Airing the dirty laundry

Just a day after the Election was decided, McCain campaign aides have come out and admitted that they had little faith in Palin's preparation to be VP (whether or not stories like not knowing the countries in NAFTA or that Africa was a continent are true, a lot of the public had already decided based on the Gibson and Couric interviews that she deserved a No Hire). They basically hid the truth from the public to try to avoid admitting they'd made a mistake not vetting her. They were willing to put an unqualified candidate one heart attack from the most powerful position in the world simply in the name of party unity.

If true, a truly irresponsible act. Country first, huh?

If not true, and it's just scapegoating, it's still sad, though on a smaller scale. Playing the blame game via anonymous leaks to the press are the appropriate capstone to this unsuccessful campaign.