Getting that coveted copy of the NYTimes

Sadly, I was shut out of getting a copy of the NYTimes yesterday, like many people. A note on their website today:

[Note to readers: Copies of Wednesday's paper were again available for the $1.50 cover price Thursday at Times headquarters, at 620 Eighth Avenue in Manhattan, between 40th and 41st Streets, until they run out. Commemorative editions may be ordered online or at 1-800-671-4332 for $14.95, which includes shipping and handling.]

Alas, the phone line is overwhelmed and not fielding calls right now, and that online link times out. If you're in the pipeline and get a timeout, the store also annoyingly redirects to the front page for no good reason. Oh, if only Amazon could fulfill everyone's orders; clearly the NYTimes Store has the capacity to handle very little order volume.

Among Obama's many powers we can add the ability to temporarily revive a moribund business.