Barack Obama, the next President of the United States

We did it.

In 2004, my sister Joannie and her husband Mike worked for the Barack Obama campaign for Senate in Illinois. Karen canvassed for Obama in Pennsylvania. I worked with a local Obama office here, smiling and dialing to voters in swing states, and then canvassed in Nevada.

Supporting our hometown boy Obama has been a family affair. So when I say "we did it," I am writing about how we feel, and how every Obama volunteer feels, as part of a much improved ground game, one I think can be even stronger the next time around.

Sure, McCain was behind the eight ball given how poorly Bush ran the Republican Party into the ground, but I feel no sympathy for those who elected Dubya a second time.

And so the United States of America has its first black President. Has a black man or woman ever been president of a country in which blacks are a minority?

President Obama, you can start measuring the drapes now.