Robocall compilation

McCain's campaign is running robocalls and TV ads in a variety of key battleground states. They are, if not sleazy, then at least dishonest. TPM has a good compilation of which ones are running in which states, along with audio or video files for some of them.

When asked to defend the robocalls, McCain said that they were absolutely accurate.

After having been savaged by robocalls by the Bush campaign in 2000, McCain has chosen to fulfill a screenwriter's dream by turning to the same tactic in his own bid for power. There is a Greek tragedy here just ripe for a made-for-tv movie in, say, mid-2009.

Sure, these robocalls appeal to some of his base, but most independent voters are seeing right through these for what they are, just as Colin Powell and others have in endorsing Obama.

If there has been a positive result in this election it's that the crucible of the campaign trail has revealed the characters of both candidates and drawn a sharp contrast between them. This election has shrunk McCain before our very eyes. The wisdom of the Palin pick has followed a Flowers for Algernon trajectory.

My other curiosity about robocalls: people sit through these? I detest being bothered by human telemarketers but ironically feel insulted when they can't even pay for a human to do the job, leaving it to a recording. As soon as I detect the unnatural pause that indicates a recording kicking in, I hang up.