Stephen Colbert to appear in Amazing Spider-Man #573

I didn't even realize that Stephen Colbert is running for President in the Marvel Universe, but now he's making his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #573.

There will be a variant cover featuring Colbert swinging through the city with Spider-Man in tow (as seen to the left).

This is sure to get play on The Colbert Report, and I'll try to remember to link to the clip once it appears on Hulu.

In the meantime, I'm surprised by how many serial comic books are still in circulation. I suppose they serve the same purpose as patent applications, allowing Marvel to license properties out for movies and toys. The stories themselves matter little now, which is ironic since Hollywood turns to comic books for story franchises. Comic book characters are like pre-existing concepts which, in their built-in awareness, offset enough marketing spend to justify hanging just about any plot on them.