Cubs in! Cubs in!

Work has been so busy...I'm really out of it. I just now realized that the Cubs made the playoffs. I didn't know the Cubs could even clinch today. Holy shmoley.

They spent a lot of money in the offseason, and I wasn't sure it was all spent well, but making the playoffs makes it all worth it. There isn't another team in sports that can get me as fired up with a postseason appearance.

That's my team! In the playoffs! It doesn't happen often, but even if it did, I'm not sure it would ever get old.

I didn't think they Cubs would be that good this year, and they'll go into the playoffs with the worst record of any of the postseason teams, but maybe it's good to be thought of as the underdog. I don't want to get my hopes up, but you score a ticket to the ball, lose a glass slipper, and next thing you know...