Stay tuned

What a hectic week. The only thing that hasn't been packed into this week is sleep, so I just need to make it to bed tonight so I can reset.

I made a fairly big life decision this week. I'm really worried about a friend. My little (well, at least to me) sister landed a job in NYC. I will, by the time tomorrow rolls around, have been to 3 concerts in 3 nights. My website got hit with a huge traffic spike on Tuesday because of a link from TMQ (Tuesday Morning Quarterback Gregg Easterbrook); he's not impressed by what he hears of Moto, but I want to respond because unlike Gregg I've actually been to and eaten at Moto. I met the first year film students from the incoming class and showed my first film school short, which I had to stay up all night editing with my telecine'd footage to match the cut I made on the flatbeds with my workprint. My parking appeal for fall quarter at school was denied, but it may not matter. I saw a bunch of my classmates again for the first time since the start of the summer.

So more tomorrow, once I'm rested and lucid.