Wired to Win: Surviving the Tour de France

How did I not hear about this movie sooner? Maybe being a film student has really insulated me from the world.

This IMAX movie, five years in the making, follows riders Jimmy Caspar and Baden Cooke in the 2003 Tour de France. But instead of focusing only on cycling or the Tour, the movie uses the two riders experiences to study brain science. I'm interested mainly in seeing IMAX footage from inside the race. The images of cyclists flying through the French countryside will no doubt evoke in me a near spiritual ache to be back in France, crawling up the side of an Alpine mountain like an ant on roller skates. I felt a related longing recently when the "camera" rose up over a rooftop to reveal Paris laid out before me (Ratatouille).

The movie's website includes a podcast you can download and listen to on your portable music player in the movie theater though how many viewers will watch the movie a second time to take advantage of that?

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