.Mac still sucks

I scrolled through a recap of Tuesday's big Apple product unveiling, waiting for the .Mac announcement that would blow me away, and it never came. The feelings of the large contingent of disappointed .Mac users is reflected well here. I end up paying $99 a year to sync all my Macs and backup some files.

I wouldn't care so much if it were cheaper, say $19.99 a year. Or, if you keep it at $19.99, up the storage space to 100GB or some non-trivial number that would allow for full backup of all my music files and documents.

Macs themselves are as hot as ever, though. I'm slowly steering everyone in my family to Macs. The last time I was visiting my parents I spent a good hour trying to speed up their Windows desktop. It had slowed to a crawl, and it's been so long since I've worked on a Windows computer that it took me a long time to decipher all the random software that had leeched onto the system like mold. You can only re-install the operating system and start fresh so many times before you just recommend they dump the thing for something lower maintenance. I see one of the new iMacs in their future.

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