Revisiting Intrade odds for the 2008 election

Last bid on GOP nominee:

36.0 Rudy Giuliani

34.7 Fred Thompson

17.7 Mitt Romney

 3.8 John McCain

Fred Thomspon at 34.7 and John McCain at 3.8? Wow, I'm out of touch. My last impression of Fred Thompson was his struggles to deal with terrorists in Die Hard 2. Sure, the good guys won, but I'd give most of the credit to John McClane.

And the last bids on the Democratic Presidential Nominee side:

40.9 Hillary Clinton

37.5 Barack Obama

 8.9 Al Gore

 5.1 John Edwards

Poor John Edwards is losing to someone who isn't even running.

Intrade also now has shares for the winner of the 2008 Presidential election:

24.5 Hillary

20.9 Barack

18.5 Rudy

18.5 Fred

The Democrats are also predicted to have control of both the Senate and the House.

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