Big day!

As of 10:30am EST today, I'm an uncle to Joannie and Mike's newborn boy who shall be named later (I think I know the name but will wait to get official confirmation from the commissioner's office)!

I'm the wrong person to ask about the medical play-by-play (a significant chunk of my knowledge of the delivery room proceedings having come from Knocked Up), but my sister's water broke yesterday at 4 in the morning, two weeks ahead of schedule (I'm told it's normal for the first to be fashionably early), so the little guy had to join us out here on the other side of the belly whether he wanted to or not.

On any other occasion, the biggest news this day would have been my first day on my summer job (I actually had to find a wrinkle-free button-down shirt), and that is also exciting for many reasons, but my nephew is like the sun, and for a good amount of time our family will revolve around him. We're all anxiously awaiting photos, and you'll all probably see one or two here soon.

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