2 steps past, 1 step future, or vice versa

The Vladmaster is a movie told through a handmade View-Master reel. Portland-based artist Vladimir photographs dioramas to recreate famous stories. The View-Master was one of my favorite childhood toys. I wish I still had my old red viewer. The View-Master Ultimate Reel List is the IMDb of View-Master reels.

The new Apple iPhone ads. The iPhone drops Jun. 29. I want one, but my last experience with AT&T (or Cingular, as it was then) was awful. Hmmm.

A still from Michel Gondry's new movie Be Kind Rewind. Jack Black stars as Jerry, who accidentally becomes magnetized, erasing all the tapes in the video store where his best friend Mike works (Mike is played by Mos Def). To retain the store's best customer, an old lady who might be going cuckoo, Jerry and Mike decide to re-enact and film every movie she chooses to rent. Where does Gondry come up with all those wonderful concepts?

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