Certifiably awful

I mailed out my tax documents to my preparer in late March. I remember thinking as I was driving to the post office that perhaps I should stop at Kinko's and make copies of all of the docs, but I was in a hurry to pack for my spring break plane flight, so I didn't (this is what they refer to as foreshadowing). I mailed my docs certified and asked for a return receipt.

Well, about all that did was allow the USPS to certify today that yes, they had lost my tax docs (I'd say they "lost it in the mail," but since they are the mail, that sounds nonsensical). You do get a refund of your postal service fees which is about the least consoling $7 you'll ever be handed.

So now my afternoon has been transformed from trying to finish the homework for tonight's class to scrambling to re-assemble all my tax documents (insert bad pun about going postal). Someone please just club me over the head with a bat.

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