Ovens of desire

Super oven (via Pogue's Posts)! Cooks up to 15x faster than a conventional oven: Roast a 12 lb turkey in 42 minutes, bake a Chicago 12 inch deep dish pizza in 6.5 minutes, and bake a 9 inch apple cranberry pie in 12 minutes. Used by Starbucks and Subway and, for those who want more illustrious names, Charlie Trotter and Gray Kunz, the TurboChef Speedcook oven makes the "time is money" equation as tangible as can be, costing $5,995 for a solo unit and $7,895 if paired with a conventional oven.

For that price, you're within striking distance of a Rational CombiMaster. I saw one during a tour of the kitchen at Per Se, and after hearing about its combination steam and hot air cooking mode, I vowed that someday I'd own one, even if I didn't have the restaurant to house it.

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