The sound of one hand shooting

Seeing highlights of Gilbert Arenas shooting 3-pointers one-handed in the 3-point competition reminded me that he recently won $20,000 from teammate Deshawn Stevenson in practice doing something similar. Arenas shot 100 one-handed college 3-pointers, and Stevenson shot 100 NBA 3-pointers using both hands. Arenas made 73 out of 100, Stevenson made 68 with 5 balls left, then missed and left the court, $20K lighter. What's fun is watching Arenas trying to distract Stevenson while he shoots, then watching Arenas roll around in joy after Stevenson's last miss.

Shooting college 3-pointers with one hand is pretty impressive. Shooting NBA 3-pointers one-handed is sick. Arenas also has two sweet nicknames, Agent Zero and The Hibachi.

For more material that's more impressive than what was actually seen NBA All-Star weekend, here's footage of Dwight Howard prepping for the Slam Dunk contest. If he'd made round 2, he would have performed a kiss the rim dunk. Instead we got to see Nate Robinson miss five hundred dunks in a row for two minutes again.

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