My most memorable moments from the movies in 2006

I meant to post this list earlier, but better late than never. Here are some of the things I'll remember from the year in movies. Some of these come from movies I didn't love in their entirety, but all are images, scenes, sounds, or ideas that will stick with me. I've left the titles of the movies out, but you can click through on the links to discover the movie referenced if it isn't obvious. Some of those are links, and any purchases will send some affiliate fees my way, something that's always appreciated!

"The name's Bond. James Bond." (DVD)

The lullaby, and The Pale Man, its eyeballs in its palms, playing a morbid game of peek-a-boo, and the wondrous puppet that is Pan. (Official website, Soundtrack)

Wind whipping through their hair, Colin Farrell and Gong Li glancing at each other as they race across the ocean in a "go fast" boat for a first date in Cuba while Moby's "One of These Mornings" plays on the soundtrack. By the way, let me add my confirmation to the hypothesis that a sure way to score with a girl is to take her to Cuba (in your speedboat) for mojitos and dancing. (DVD)

Lois Lane kicks off her shoes and steps up on Superman's boots. (DVD)

First appearance of the crawlers, seen via nightvision on a handheld camcorder. (DVD)

Forest Whitaker's one lazy eye and one bug eye have never had greater metaphoric power, one for each side of the charismatic psychopath that was Idi Amin. (Official website)

Abigail Breslin walks down a dirt hill to put her arm around her brother. (DVD)

Best movie trailer this year. Kate Winslet walking towards Jackie Earle Haley as he sits on a children's swing, his back to us. (Official website)

The quiet of early morning routines as an airport and a world wake up to the last day before that day. (DVD)

A young girl shakes her head when the Queen offers to help the girl place a bouquet of flowers amidst a sea of tributes to Princess Di. The Queen is hurt, then touched when the little girl corrects her, "These are for you." (Official website)

Chieko experiencing a night club with a unique clarity despite sensory deprivation...she is deaf, and between flashes of strobing dance floor lights, all is darkness and vibration. (DVD)

The dreamy rhythm of first chapter of the three, set to "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes." When Chang Chen finally tracks down Shu Qi, she can't help breaking out in a smile, and then a laugh. (DVD)

That long, unbroken take in the car. That second long, unbroken take, the one in which grime spatters onto the camera lens but the shot keeps going through war-torn streets, up stairs, bullets flying. (Official site)

The elevator doors open, and BANG. There were many differences between the original and this "remake," but Scorsese hadn't seen the original before making his version, and this moment in the elevator played out the same way, with the same timing, in both. (DVD)

Showdown in Chinatown. Okay, not in Chinatown, but in a restaurant, one that's left a little worse for the wear. (DVD)

In the face of a firing squad, everybody runs. Simone Signoret's face. Probably my favorite movie of the year. (Official website. When will this come out on freaking DVD?!)

Dan Dunne and drug dealer Frank have a chat by the street. The best movie I saw at Sundance in January, 2006. (DVD)

Footrace set to "We Belong" by Pat Benatar. Cal Naughton Jr. pulls open an invisible door and walks through as The Magic Man. (DVD)

Madonna's "Vogue" kicks in, and suddenly our heroine is racing through the streets rocking one hot outfit after another. (DVD)

Naked wrestling. (DVD)

Rob Lowe holds court in his office while wearing a kimono. (DVD)

Lucy Liu pops back in through the door to double check to see if Josh Hartnett has dropped his towel again. (DVD)

Ellen Ripstein twirls her baton in Central Park. (DVD)

"Who are you? What's you're name? Do you have a wife? A girlfriend? Because if you do, I'm gonna find her. I'm gonna hurt her. I'm gonna make her bleed and cry and call out your name. And then I'm gonna find you and kill you right in front of her. " Oh, those beady eyes. (DVD)

First glimpse of the creature, hanging off of a highway bridge running across the river. (DVD)

Robert Angier, walking through the snow through the forest, stumbles upon a pile of hats, all of them the same. David Bowie's face as Nikola Tesla. (DVD)

After a night of revels, Marie and others from her court wander out through the gardens in the earliest of morning light (DVD)

The year the Panavision Genesis HD camera broke out, being used to film Superman Returns, Flyboys, Apocalypto, and Click. Miami Vice was shot digitally also, Dio Beebe using the Sony Cine Alta F900s.

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