Why is my suitcase always last to appear on the airport carousel?

MacRumors has a roundup of all the rumors surrounding next week's Macworld in San Francisco. With all the leaks and speculation, it's difficult for Apple to continue to surprise anyone at the show, but I'm hoping they still manage to.

Download two tracks off the new album by Air, Pocket Symphony. (thx to Wolf Notes)

Richard Dawkins calls the execution of Saddam Hussein an act of vandalism because it deprived us of the opportunity to study his mind, something Dawkins considers a prime piece of evidence in the study of cruel dictators. I have no idea if that's true--can one learn that much from an individual mind/brain?

Scientific American lays a popular myth to rest: peeing on a jellyfish sting doesn't do any good. Try a little vinegar instead.

Gracenote is working to license lyrics from all the major labels with an eye towards offering a legal, commercial, and accurate song lyric service to launch in early 2007. Good news for karaoke on the computer services (I don't actually know if there are any, but I'm sure there will be soon if there aren't already), though not as big a deal with all the unofficial lyric resources all over the web.

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