22 years later, back to the big dance

My first wish on my birthday yesterday was to turn one year younger rather than older. That didn't happen.

The second was for ESPN's NFL expert panel to prove to be an exception to the idea of the wisdom of crowds, at least in reference to the NFC Championship Game:

Kudos to Accuscore, whoever you are (and to John Clayton, who picked the Bears but didn't make hte cut for this ESPN graphic). Late in the game against the Saints, when the snow started falling, I couldn't help but flash back to the 85 NFC Championship Game against the Rams. Late in that game, as the Bears finished off their second consecutive playoff shutout, the snow started falling at Soldier Field, and every Chicago fan just knew that there was no way they'd lose again that season.

I still remember the 85 Superbowl in vivid detail. I watched it over at my friend Derek's house with a whole crew of Bears fans. Everyone thought with that defense that the Bears would be back for at least one more Superbowl, but QB issues left the Bears choosing among Doug Flutie, Mike Tomczak, and Steve Fuller to start the playoff game against the Redskins. There wasn't a winning card in that hand.

So you appreciate Super Bowls when you make it into them because it might be decades before the next one comes along for your team. The 85 Bears were favored in every game they played, while this season's Bears seem to be lightly regarded by most everyone. They will be heavy underdogs in the Super Bowl. I couldn't care less.

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