We'll take it

A bit too close for comfort. I spent a good three hours bracing myself for the worst, so when the Bears actually won I was more relieved than elated.

Given the turnover-prone tendencies of Grossman and the weak play from an injury-depleted defense the last third of the season, Bears fans have had to live on faith more than swagger this season. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Bears are the underdogs in the NFC Championship; most experts will be picking the Saints.

But you reach a certain point in life and you realize it's better to look at the glass half full when there's nothing you can do about it. In the offseason, then you give your team an honest evaluation. Now, in the playoffs, you hope for some luck and know that on any given Sunday, your team can beat the other team.

The Bears are one win from the Superbowl, and though they're regarded as the weakest of the four remaining teams, I don't care. In January and February, every Sunday your team is playing is a happy Sunday.

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