TV on the Internet

The Sci-Fi Network is offering, on iTunes, a free retrospective episode of the first two seasons of Battlestar Galactica. I have not watched the TV show, but after The Wire, which seems to be enjoying an unprecedented critical push this season, it seems to be the TV show with the strongest cult following.

The clip below from what looks to be a new season of Extras? David Bowie guest stars and sings Ricky Gervais a little ditty. When is the new season airing on HBO? Without having set up my TV here in LA, I feel so out of touch with the world (embedded player via my friend Eric's site Mojiti).

It's premier season for new fall TV shows, and since I haven't gotten my home theater set up here in LA, I haven't seen much. But these days, an internet connection is a fairly adequate replacement. I caught the most recent episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip online off of NBC's official site for the show. Okay, so the quality of the video at full screen made me think I had cataracts, but I can't remember watching TV shows online prior to this year in any format other than a torrent (which, by the way, is still the best way to watch a TV show online, so maybe all this official online streaming is not all that exciting).

I'll always chase the Sorkin rat-a-tat-chat, but the Sarah Paulson character feels like a concept more than a person. She's the devout Christian who works at a comedy sketch show which puts on skits like "Crazy Christians." They also talk up her character Harriet in this episode as if she's the Will Ferrell of Studio 60, and so far she hasn't shown any comic abilities at all. Also, why hasn't anyone reacted at all to Amanda Peet's attractiveness on the show?

And, oh yeah, the premier of season 3 of Veronica Mars is also online, ahead of it's actually on air debut next Tuesday.