Michel Gondry visits the SOHO Apple Store

Tuesday night, Michel Gondry visits the SOHO Apple Store at 7pm:

indieWIRE Presents: “The Science of Sleep” Filmmaker, Michel Gondry

Join indieWIRE editor Eugene Hernandez for a special moderated discussion exploring the innovative work of filmmaker Michel Gondry. Michel will discuss his narrative, documentary, and music video work, including his upcoming film, ”The Science of Sleep,” which releases in theaters September 2006.

August 29th, 7:00 p.m.

Four movies stood out for me at Sundance in January: The Science of Sleep, Little Miss Sunshine, Half Nelson, and In Between Days. The latter isn't the type of movie that will see theatrical distribution, unfortunately, because of its challenging style, but because of that it's the type of movie I most appreciate catching at a film festival. Little Miss Sunshine is out now and has the broadest commercial potential. The studio is staggering its release across the country, and it's well worth catching when it arrives in your local movie theater. Half Nelson and The Science of Sleep aren't going to be massive mainstream hits, but they're both deserving of your time. Gondry's film is a bit unstructured and chaotic, but it's his most personal work. Half Nelson was my first real exposure to Ryan Gosling, and he's very good, as is young Shareeka Epps, his co-star.