Moving pictures

5 tips for being more photogenic.

How to make your own rotoscoped movie (like Waking Life or A Scanner Darkly). This tutorial may sound labor intensive, but it's actually much less labor intensive than the way they animated the two Linklater movies. Unfortunately, the sample output from this tutorial shows that there is no real shortcut (for now) to achieving the psychedelic effects achieved in a movie like Waking LIfe, in which every frame was hand rotoscoped by animators. The slight imperfection in the edges from hand animation give every edge and surface that pulsating movement and life.

Japanese trailer for the two Clint Eastwood WWII movies coming out this fall and winter, The Flags of Our Fathers (October) and Red Sun, Black Sand (December). Both tell the story of the Battle of Iwo Jima, the former from an American perspective, the latter from a Japanese perspective. Flags of Our Fathers focuses on the lives of the six men who raised the American flag, an event immortalized in a Joe Rosenthal photograph, supposedly the most reproduced photograph in history.