42, of course

Stephen Hawking asks Yahoo Answers: How can the human race survive the next hundred years? Sounds more interesting than it actually was. That's not really the type of question you toss out to the Internet. Maybe he just wanted a good laugh. For his next question, he should post some absurdly difficult quantum physics problem.

According to this Microsoft Labs adCenter predictive tech, my website should appeal primarily to <18 year olds, with the next largest demographic being 18-24 year olds. Having seen these results, you can expect increased coverage of Ashlee Simpson, Lindsey Lohan, and NSync here.

Useful guidelines for placement of punctuation vis-a-vis inverted commas, one of those grammar issues that always bedevils me.

UPDATE: Jenny was quite distraught that I'd consult the Brits for grammar. We Americans have our own rules for these situations.

I'm watching the World Cup final right now, but during halftime, I watched some Zidane videos on YouTube to maintain the mood. Smooth.

UPDATE: Hmm, I wonder if Zidane's OT headbutt will make it into any of these videos. Oh, those hot-tempered Frenchmen. Live by Zidane, die by Zidane.