Annie Duke wins WSORPS (World Series of Rock, Paper, Scissors) bracelet

At a Freakonomics book signing about a month and a half ago, Steven Levitt mentioned that Phil Gordon would be throwing a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament so Levitt could study the play for some research he's conducting on people's ability to randomize. Annie Duke won this year, and Levitt mentions that she attributed her success to her new coach, Rafe Furst.

I would dismiss RSP strategy as ridiculous, but considering how many situations in my life have been arbitrated by RSP (who's buying this round of beers, who has to shovel the driveway, who has to sit in the middle, who's taking out the trash, e.g.), perhaps it's worth a bit of study. I don't think I could actually drop the name of one of these gambit plays with a straight face, though.