Screwing around with faces and heads

Every time I arrive in L.A., I think two things. First, as I exit the airport, I think, "Oh the weather here is unbeatable."

Then, as I pick up my rental car and merge directly into a never-ending queue of traffic, "Oh, *%&$@#!."

Two random reader contributions. From John, MyHeritage is facial recognition technology for photographs. Their conversation starter for now is a feature that matches uploaded faces to the celebrities they most resemble. As you can imagine, I rated as a high probability match for a composite of George Clooney and Brad Pitt, but then you didn't need such advanced technology to anticipate such a result.

From Mike:

The Amazing Screw-On Head, a humor comic from Mike Mignola (who

created Hellboy), is being made into an animated series on the Sci-Fi

channel. They have the pilot episode on their website:

It's about this robot-type guy whose head can screw on to bodies. He

works for Abe Lincoln taking care of weird supernatural problems. It's

voiced by Paul Giamatti and the main bad guy is voiced by David Hyde

Pierce, so the acting is good.

Lovecraftian humor and steampunk adventure? I'm there.