Tiny bubbles

How can best put $1 to use? The author's conclusion is to lend it via a microfinance organization.

Interactive population growth map. Covers the world from 1955 through 2015, helping to visualize the growth in urbanisation.

Man jokingly rents out tree house for $150/mo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and receives 30 offers. Do you count as a rural or urban dweller if you live there?

As seen on the Chappelle Show, perhaps: the pre-sexual agreement.

Not happy with comments from Frederic Rouzaud, managing director of Louis Roederer, about hip-hop's long association with Cristal, Jay-Z has switched his allegiance to Krug and Dom Perignon. As a show of allegiance to my Man, I'm switching to Krug and Dom to fill my hot tub.