Troubles plugging back into the grid

Back from one of my most relaxing vacations ever, and the stress starts immediately. My desktop G5 was not happy that I abandoned her for a month, so a few hours after I booted her up, she froze up. Only a hard power-off generated any response. After that, she refused to boot up at all.
There are few things that could cause me more stress upon arrival home. Maybe finding a child in a basket on my doorstep with a note that begins "Hello daddy." Or discovering my front door unlocked and the entire apartment emptied out. Or having a couple of ninjas crash through my windows and start throwing stars at me. Maybe those events would be more stressful.
But computer failure is high on the list. I could sooner live without hot water (and that''s not an expression since these days my livelihood is tied up in work I do on my desktop). Even narrowing down the culprit (corruption of the O/S) didn't relieve me of my shakes. I tugged my hair and whimpered like an abused dog. If I hadn't been so jet-lagged yesterday, I would have gone down to the new Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in the middle of the night for tech support, or just to find someone to hold my hand. In fact, I was going to do just that when jetlag landed a clean shot to the temple and knocked me out cold.
So it's off to the Apple Store for a copy of DiskWarrior. I'll be saying a few prayers this Sunday.
But if all goes well, expect a return to regularly unscheduled posts here.