Portrait of the blogger as a young man

Cleaning up old junk, I found a class journal from what I think was first or second grade, in September 1981. Here's the first entry, with typos and grammatical mistakes reproduced faithfully:
Dear Dad,
Can I use the tv today. I'm watching the Greatest American hero. I know you don't like that show but I think you'll let me watch it. Today we had indoor reces. It wasn't fun but we could draw.
If I were a rich man:
If I were rich I would buy ten batteries a year for electronic games. I would buy some wood and build a secret fort with a fence around it. Then I'd buy thing to put inside our fort like a telephone, things to put on our window for holidays.
More profound musings:
When I grow up I would like to be a scientist because you might discover something and become famous! If you bring a book about how you make a formula you might make something that can make a garden grow in ten seconds! I wish someday that you will grow to be a scientist.
Young gourmand:
My favorite cold or hot lunch is a drink or juice such as lemonade, orange juice, grape juice, icea cream, sodapop and a popsicle. My foods are pizza, taco, tetor tots, lobster, shrimp, lazonia, corn, corn soup, fruits, chicken, spaghetti, and ashed potato. Because they are delicious.
Fierce competitor at an early age:
When its my birthday I like to play fun games like musical chair, pin the tail on the donkey, hide and seek, hot potato, and tugawar, When you win.
More on food:
My favorite meal is Popeye's chicken and taco flavored pizza, spagheti with meatballs. Because they'r always hot and sizzling and they all taste diffrent. When I see them my mouth waters like crazy! Do like them?
Not a future winter Olympian:
My favorite winter sport is snowmobiling.
I've never been snowmobiling. Here, I express an entrepreneurial bent:
If I were ten feet tall I would try to get a bird and sell it for ten bucks.
Early signs of OCD? No wonder I got beat up on the playground:
I hate when the lunchroom is so noisy that my food can't digest. And I like it when Mr. green tells them to be quiet. I smell the foods of other people when I'm finished.