TGIF Movie Quiz Part 2

Here's the second half of the movies quiz posted last Friday (thanks to FreshArrival for the link). This one's easier than the other one, which everyone seemed to top out on at 26/30, though part 2 has one that has me totally stumped.
Here are some answers for last weeks' puzzles' most common stumpers (in white ink, so run your cursor over the titles to find out what they are, though if you're still working on last week's puzzle then you shouldn't read on).
#4 was The Legend of 1900. Tough one unless you're familiar with the oeuvre of Tim Roth, or unless you were such a huge fan of Cinema Paradiso that you sought out Giusepe Tornatore's other work. #9 was Zatoichi. Yes, Takeshi Kitano has just gone medieval on that guy in the photo. It's a bizarre remake with Kitano's take on the famous blind swordsman. Not surprisingly, his rendition is cruel and violent, with buckets of CGI blood spraying across the screen. Still, it has its moments, including moments of random choreography between actor movements and the soundtrack, like when some farmers swing hoes into the ground in a mesmerizing rhythm.
Most everyone seemed to know #18, which is a pleasant surprise. Who knew Cube had such a big following? Maybe they were hooked by the opening clip. Ouch.
#23 is Charlie's Angels, and #24 is Equilibrium. I saw the latter on a bootleg DVD from China. It's an unoriginal sci-fi flick with kung-fu, a la The Matrix. You can almost write the voiceover for this movie's trailer: "In a world without feeling, without man...will rise up...and restore hope to mankind." The one creative bit was that the hero, played by Christian Bale, has these handgun cartridge reloaders built into his sleeves, perhaps an homage to Travis Bickle. To reload, he just releases the old cartridge, twirls his handguns so they face the ground, and a new cartridge ejects from his sleeve into the guns.
In the scene pictured, Christian Bale has just been apprehended by a police squad. He proceeds to go Neo on them, neutralizing them in a perfunctory ballet of guns and martial arts with all the stoicism and efficiency of a top cuber restoring Rubik to its state of order.