A Bug's Death

This parasitic wasp story is the hot story on the web, and it is indeed fascinating and lurid.
Speaking of bugs, yesterday I had to grab a quick dinner before running out to give a short talk, so I stopped at Republic in Union Square for the first time. Two bites into my noodle soup, a ladybug floated up to the top. I know they're supposed to be good luck and all, but not when their corpses are bobbing up and down in my broth. A surprised waiter took the bowl and had a chat with another waiter nearby about where it might have come from, all within earshot of me, the horrified customer. Turns out the ladybugs come from the bathroom. I got out of there before my mind could dwell on how the ladybug had journeyed from bathroom to kitchen.

Cute, when they're not in your soup

The Maria Antoinette trailer in HD.
Make sure to patch your Firefox.
Yet more Brokeback remix action. Where's Frodo and Sam? Aragorn and Legolas? Agent Smith giving a lapdance to Morpheus in The Matrix?