Duck and dunk

Pop quiz on marriage, one that bursts some common myths.
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Nate Robinson is a great athlete, and the Spud Webb hurdle dunk was a lot of fun. But how he won the dunkoff after missing something like 87 dunks in a row is a mystery greater than even the figure skating scoring rules. I guess it's no surprise the sponsor this year was Sprite. The NBA changed the rules this year so that misses don't count against you, which is a good idea to encourage players to try some truly difficult dunks. But c'mon. You have to put some cap on it; this was a scene straight out of Tin Cup. And anyhow, Andre Iguodala made a jump, catch, and dunk from behind the backboard! He jumped so high he hit his head on the backboard the first time and had to duck under it to actually make the dunk (you can see a sequence of photos of the Iguodala dunk here)!? Can we get a Dick Button call on that dunk? They should have a rule that if you make a dunk that's truly spectacular and groundbreaking, you can just win the contest right then and there, outright. Like when Vince Carter jumped from behind the backboard, did a 360 degree spin, windmilled and dunked with one hand. Or when Jason Richardson tossed the ball off the backboard, caught it in mid-air, put the ball through his legs, finished a NYTimes crossword, and dunked. The judge of whether a dunk qualifies for such an outright knockout win would be the number of NBA players on the sidelines who jump out of their seats with and start high-fiving and hugging and giggling and screaming like a band of high school cheerleaders. It should've been over when Iguodala ran off the court and out the tunnel.

Sweet dunk...

...but here's the dunk that should have ended the contest.

The other thing that amazes me about the All-Star game is watching how easily NBA pros can make the half court shot. In that competition with three player teams making a variety of shots around the court, it only took Tony Parker and Kobe Bryant one shot each to nail the half court shot, and it didn't take the other teams much longer to nail it. They should just have a new contest on All-Star weekend, the half-court shooting contest.