The long and the short of it

Zudeo is a high-res content distribution system built on Bittorrent. You have to download a lightweight client to browse and grab clips. It's not going to cause YouTube any heartache, but for people who like their video content big and beautiful, like me, it's a useful supplement. They signed a deal with the BBC to put episodes of TV shows online at some point for some undisclosed fee. But there's some decent free content already live, like Luis Bunuel's classic surrealist short "Un Chien Andalou," based on a story by Bunuel and Salvador Dali.


Criterion is launching a new line of DVDs under the name Eclipse. They won't be the souped up DVDs customers are used to with the Criterion label, but Eclipse will help to rush many more movies that aren't currently available on video onto DVD. The first release on the label will be the 5 DVD Series 1: Early Bergman on March 27 of 2007.

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