This is all I have to offer

Aaron Sorkin visits a dental hygienist.

Why don't studios just use catchy movie posters as the DVD cover? Looking at the examples cited, I suspect that studios think that by the time the DVD comes out, everyone knows the story, so they don't go with the more mysterious poster images which act almost like teasers. But I agree, the movie posters are superior. Those are some fugly DVD covers, most of which seem to say, "Hey, remember who was in this movie?" posted a copy of the Publisher's Weekly advance review of Thomas Pynchon's new novel Against the Day. PW gave Pynchon a star, their mark of recommendation. If my mind weren't monopolized by all the first quarter film shoots my classmates and I are buried under, I'd be game for tackling new Pynchon. But my mind is, and so I'm not. Not even close.

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