Black Monday

Dry Shampoo. Spray in, wait two minutes, and brush out. What will they think of next? Useful on a film set, or if your livelihood depends on looking good all the time (comme moi), or if you're confined to a bed because some Kathy Bates-like character has gone Misery on you. Or if you are this guy.

The Dragon is the most revered sign of the Chinese zodiac, so Chinese birth rates in Dragon years escalate, leading to crunches in providing schooling, medical services, etc. Some economists conducted a study which debunks this superstition, but I still look for a healthy increase in sales of lingerie, champagne, and roses in China in mid-2011, leading into the next Dragon year in 2012.

In a game that had clearly become a draw, Vladimir Kramnik made a stunning mistake late in his second game versus the computer program Deep Fritz to allow the software to checkmate on the next move.

James Surowiecki on Nintendo and how it has found profitability with products like the Wii while Sony and Microsoft rack up huge losses in their efforst to win the console war. There are many markets that are not "winner takes all." We're #3! We're #3!

In this week's New Yorker, George Saunders can't resist offering his two cents on Borat, and I read it, and it is probably the most trenchant critique of the movie yet. Borat is, as M refers to Bond in the the latest offering, a "blunt instrument." The irony of it all is that Cohen's burgeoning fame is undermining his ability to find gullible targets, forcing him to pick on easier and easier targets (lawsuits notwithstanding) and transforming him from David to Goliath. I laughed at many moments of the movie but was disappointed at all the material recycled straight from the TV show.

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