Some useful stuff

The Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover stick works as advertised. Nifty.

I spent the first week or two of school trying to find a comfortable, functional laptop bag. I needed a big one to carry around my 17" laptop, binder, textbooks, and random film equipment. The solution came in the form of a BBP bag. BBP stands for bum back pack, offering relief for those with "bum backs" by offering a configuration where you can wear the laptop bag like a backpack, except with the bag hanging lower, near your bum (you can also wear it like a standard messenger bag, one strap over a shoulder). The strap technology reminds me a bit of the golf bags with the double straps that allow you to wear them like backpacks. Sometimes I feel a bit ridiculous hauling the giant around on my back, but I'll settle for being comfortable over cool.

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