In short

Ah, the exciting controversies that arise in the heated world of competitive chess. Maybe Kramnik is shooting up in the bathroom. Will steroids leave no corner of the sporting world alone?

Amen. Since these titles change hands these year, they really shouldn't use the superlative, or is sexiness really so volatile? On the other hand, "Sexy woman of the year" rather than "Sexiest woman alive" is not quite as, well, sexy, and perhaps sexiness really is so ephemeral because of some inherent fad-like quality.

Of the 100 largest economic entities in the world, more than half are now corporations rather than countries. The measure used was either GDP or sales. GM is the top corporation at no. 23. The rise of the corporation, able to live across borders and skirt the laws of the countries it resides in, is one reason why so many futuristic sci-fi movies feature evil, gargantuan corporations as the antagonist.

Paris at night. No city more beautiful after sunset.

"Meetin' WA," a short video by Jean-Luc Godard. WA in this case is Woody Allen. Whether you enjoy Woody Allen's movies or not, you must admit that he has been blessed to be able to make his type of movies for a long, long time now. Every director should be so lucky.