I'm not a cat person (in fact, I'm allergic to them) or much of a pet person in general, but Rich and Carol's cat Ginger, who I met over holiday break, cracked me up. She's 17 years old. I don't know if the translation constant of cat --> human age is the same as for dog --> humans, but if so, Ginger is older than the hills.

She'd just been shaved all over because she can no longer groom herself properly, so she looked quite odd, but what's striking about her is her face, always scrunched up as if she were squinting as hard as possible. The expression is one of "Oh for pete's sake I'm so old and sore why won't you just leave me alone and turn down those damn lights is so bright and loud and I'm freezing my ass off because you shaved me again." I stalked her all over the house trying to snap a photo of her trademark grimace, but without a flash it was like tracking a leopard through the shrubs of Kenya.