Google Earth

Google Earth, an interface to the world's geography.

[Sniff] Not available for the Mac.

Hollywood plans a remake of Don't Look Now

The original is one of the creepier movies I've ever seen, but most people who've heard of it know it only for the brilliant time-jumping lovemaking scene between Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie. Don't wait for the remake; just watch the original.

In the latest round of man vs. machine in chess, it's the machines by a huge margin

I enjoy reading the articles by the Brits summarizing the matches. Much like their countrymen in the golf broadcasting booths, the English have a knack for pulling off the colorful metaphor. In golf, instead of hitting into the water, a golfer's golf ball plummets into a watery grave. Instead of being badly beaten by the machine, Michael Adams "was cut down by the monster machine with one ruthless thrust."

Disney and Dolby Labs to roll out new digital 3-D digital projection systems

Chicken Little, a cartoon, will be the first to try the new tech on for size. has a feature called Shot Tracker that displays animated views of each shot in a match for featured matches

Sadly, the website does not have any feature allowing for animated 3-D views of Maria Sharapova. The statistical summaries of each match are quite impressive. I've never seen tennis coaches charting tennis matches the way baseball scouts chart opposing pitchers in baseball. I wonder if it's because they can grab all the info from technologies like Shot Tracker after the fact.

Maverick Remote-Check Wireless Thermometer allows you to multi-task while bbq'ing

Nifty. Too bad I live in NYC and can't grill. Here's the product page. looks into Scientology so the curious don't have to risk their own lives doing so

Parts 1 and 2 of the 4-part series are up. Tom Cruise is rumored to have reached the OT-VII level, one of the highest echelons of Scientology (OT standing for Operating Thetan). Supposedly at this level one gains the skills to master one's universe. Mock him and Scientology at your own peril. BTW, the term "clear" has now gained a few new meanings for me: (1) a steroid-like cream and (2) an optimum individual who has had engrams removed from the reactive mind. Hmm, not so clear anymore.

The latest Six Feet Under soundtrack has some intriguing exclusive tracks

Including one by Arcade Fire and one by Interpol. I don't appreciate albums like this that try and force the buyer to purchase an album for the few exclusive tracks they don't already own. The Apple Store only allows you to get the Arcade Fire and Interpol tracks if you purchase the entire album. Sorry, no thanks.

Paris is the leading candidate for the Olympics in 2012, just ahead of London and Madrid

New York is second to last, just ahead of Moscow, this all according to's BidIndex