Fe Fi Fo Fum, here's the Yes review of an Englishman

Anthony Lane reviews Yes, a movie spoken in verse, in verse

“Darling, ‘Yes’ is playing. We could go

And skip the ‘O.C.’ rerun. Shall we?” “No.”

More Commencement speech stuff: Barack Obama's Commencement speech at Knox College (via TNR) and the audio of Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement speech (via Carpe Aqua)

Trailer for Peter Jackson's King Kong to hit television June 27th

Are you a precog? Take these tests of your psychic abilities.

Want good seats to a hot concert? Good luck.

In a city like NY, one might think the sheer wealth of cultural offerings would counteract this phenomenon, but getting tickets to anything here in NYC, even a reservation to a popular restaurant, is a challenge.

Paris, je t'aime: a movie loveletter to Paris, with a huge roster of directors focusing on one arrondissement each

Via AICN, the poster for Cameron Crowe's next and highly-anticipated (at least by me) movie, Elizabethtown, starring Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst: