Media bits

iTunes 4.8 released, offering playback for Quicktime videos

After ogling the H.264 codec clips in Quicktime 7 on my G5, I can finally envision paying for video downloads through the web, for viewing on my computer. This new version of iTunes could be a step in that direction. People have speculated that Apple might focus on video downloads for a device like the iPod, but they could easily start with downloads for playback on laptops and desktops if those are the only devices capable of hurdling a minimum quality floor.

A torrent of New Order's May 5 concert in NYC at the Hammerstein Ballroom (and a bonus Peter Hook DJ set at Hiro in the Meatpacking District from that same night)

Hearing Peter Hook's bass riffs and New Order's distinctive guitar melodies makes me feel nostalgic.

The next song to be featured in the iPod commercials: Gorillaz' "Feel Good Inc" (iTunes Music Store)

Catchy tune.