Tiger...just did it

Finally got my copy of Mac OS X Tiger from Amazon but haven't played with it much. My first thought is that it includes a lot of functionality I used to get from third party shareware. Spotlight takes the place of LaunchBar, and the Dashboard includes a weather widget that replaces WeatherPop. And multi-person video conferencing sounds cool, in concept, though who would I use that with?

Huffington Post launches, with blogs from a diverse group of 250 people from Mike Nichols, Ellen DeGeneres, John Cusack, and Warren Beatty to David Mamet, Norman Mailer, and Walter Cronkite.

The latest performance enhancer: MaxSight contact lenses

Made by Nike and Bausch & Lomb, they're used by, among others, Brian Roberts who is currently hitting the tar out of the ball in Baltimore.

Seattle's Space Needle to be converted into a giant wi-fi antenna [via Boing Boing]